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As well as a high quality Winter lecture and meeting series (see the separate Meetings page), other events are arranged for members throughout the year.

Upcoming events are listed on the Upcoming Events page.  Examples of the types of events arranged by AVAS are described below.

Social Events

A number of social events are organised throughout the year, reaching their pinnacle at the annual barbeque in July, normally held at an idyllic spot next to the River Avon.

AVAS BBQ next to the River Avon
AVAS BBQ next to the River Avon

Field Visits

A number of field visits have been arranged for AVAS members.  One example is the visit to a late Roman site revealed by gravel extraction near Ringwood, as shown below.

Field visit to Late Roman site
Field visit to Late Roman site

A field trip is planned for Clearbury hillfort to examine the earthwork remains and contribute to a national survey of hillforts.